[RC5] AMD Opteron 6128

Toomas Aas toomas.aas at raad.tartu.ee
Sat Jan 10 13:52:42 EST 2015

For a short while I got a chance to run dnetc on a dual processor AMD  
Opteron 6128 machine (2x8 physical cores). The OS is FreeBSD 10.1 amd64.

In dnetc.ini I have:


During startup, the client log says that 16 crunchers are started.  
However, top shows that only one dnetc process is running (even top -P  
confirms this). On an older machine with two physical cores, the same  
kind of setup shows two dnetc processes.

Looks like all 16 crunchers were stared on one core?

dnetc v2.9110-519-CTR-11040103 for FreeBSD (FreeBSD 10.1-RELEASE).
Using email address (distributed.net ID) 'toomas at raad.tartu.ee'

[Jan 07 14:56:48 UTC] Automatic processor detection found 16 processors.
[Jan 07 14:56:48 UTC] Loading crunchers with work...
[Jan 07 14:56:48 UTC] Connected to euro.v29.distributed.net:2064...
[Jan 07 14:56:48 UTC] The keyserver says: "Danish cows go Oink!"
[Jan 07 14:56:48 UTC] Retrieved project state data from server. (cached)
[Jan 07 14:56:48 UTC] OGR-NG: Retrieved 16 packets from server.
[Jan 07 14:56:49 UTC] RC5-72: Retrieved 16 packets (16.00 stats units)  
from server.
[Jan 07 14:56:49 UTC] Automatic processor type detection did not
                       recognize the processor (tag: "40010001")
[Jan 07 14:56:49 UTC] OGR-NG: using core #3 (cj-asm-sse2-lzcnt).
[Jan 07 14:56:49 UTC] OGR-NG: Loaded 16 packets from buff-in.og2
[Jan 07 14:56:49 UTC] OGR-NG: 0 packets remain in buff-in.og2
[Jan 07 14:56:49 UTC] OGR-NG: 0 packets are in buff-out.og2
[Jan 07 14:56:49 UTC] 16 crunchers ('a'-'p') have been started.

Toomas Aas

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