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I'm the main expert in OGR for the team I'm member of (DPC if you want to
know). I followed it from the start, now 1000 days ago. I've looked at the
postgresql verification code you uploaded into the cvs. I even got it to run
on my own proxy. I even got it to run on my own proxyper. The results were:

select * from ogr_stats;
 table_name | function | result | project_id 
 ogr_stubs  | count    |  50113 |         24
 ogr_stubs  | pass1    |  50112 |         24
 ogr_stubs  | count    |  58474 |         25
 ogr_stubs  | pass1    |  58473 |         25
 reject     | count    |  12389 |          0

I must say the code looks sound to me. I'll do some more testing to see if I
can find something wrong. A few questions.
a) why do you say in filter.pl that everything from a client <= 8012 is
wrong? is this data not good enough for a pass 1?
b) also you define 3 variables in filter.pl as filenames, but never use
c) I saw that there was a reissue of OGR-24 stubs last night. is this the
hole stub space or just the missing stubs?

	Do you still need help on the code?


Stanley [aka Stappel]

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