[stats-dev] Thanks for using PGP!

stats-dev at lists.distributed.net stats-dev at lists.distributed.net
Tue Jul 1 17:14:46 EDT 2003

I just received an email from you that was either PGP signed or PGP
encrypted.  According to my records, this is the first such email that
I've received from the email address <stats-dev at lists.distributed.net>.  In response, I've
added this address to my pgpusers file which enables autoencrypt in my
email client.  This means that any emails I send to this address in the
future will be automatically encrypted.

I may have difficulty doing this if your key isn't registered on the
keyserver network.  If you haven't already done so, please consider
submitting your key to wwwkeys.pgp.net or one of the other public

The scripts I use to do this are a bit crude, so the actual change will
not take place until the next time I re-start my email client.

If there is a problem with my doing this, please let me know so that I
can remove you from the autoencrypt list.

This message has been automagically generated.  Moo  ]:8)

(If you'd like a copy of this script, the latest version can be found
 at http://cvs.slacker.com/cgi/cvsweb.cgi/dtpbin/auto_add_pgpkey     )

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