[stats-dev] RAW Daily Totals

Paul paul at quakenet.org
Mon Apr 25 13:36:43 EDT 2005

I knocked up an xml version last night - or well, about 20 minutes after
reading your first email.


However, the schema needs some work.

If you compare it to the team member xml feed
(http://stats.distributed.net/team/tmember_xml.php), you'll notice a couple
of differences.

One of which being that 'workunits' currently gives a raw 1.5453243243E+13,
as opposed to team member:
 <stat name="work-overall" unit="Gnodes" value="297403" />

Anyone want to take a look at the tmember_xml.php and tmsummary_xml.php
outputs and suggest a good schema definition for participants/projects? (or
even modifications to the team ones)


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Okay, no guarantee as to if all the code necessary is here, but I have
modified 2 files that should hopefully pull the RAW stats for projects.  If
anyone sees anything wrong or missing, please let me know.

BTW:  This is my first attempt at PHP coding...  ;-)


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