[stats-dev] RAW Daily Totals

Jim C. Nasby decibel at distributed.net
Mon Apr 25 15:22:25 EDT 2005

How do we want to offer _raw stats? Should the page be stand-alone, or
should we run off of the XML via XSLT? For that matter, at some point we
should consider changing the main pages so they're generated via XSLT.

On Mon, Apr 25, 2005 at 06:36:43PM +0100, Paul wrote:
> I knocked up an xml version last night - or well, about 20 minutes after
> reading your first email.
> http://paul.statsdev.distributed.net/daily_totals_xml.php
> However, the schema needs some work.
> If you compare it to the team member xml feed
> (http://stats.distributed.net/team/tmember_xml.php), you'll notice a couple
> of differences.
> One of which being that 'workunits' currently gives a raw 1.5453243243E+13,
> as opposed to team member:
>  <stat name="work-overall" unit="Gnodes" value="297403" />
> Anyone want to take a look at the tmember_xml.php and tmsummary_xml.php
> outputs and suggest a good schema definition for participants/projects? (or
> even modifications to the team ones)
> Paul
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> Okay, no guarantee as to if all the code necessary is here, but I have
> modified 2 files that should hopefully pull the RAW stats for projects.  If
> anyone sees anything wrong or missing, please let me know.
> BTW:  This is my first attempt at PHP coding...  ;-)
> -Travis
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