[stats-dev] RAW Daily Totals

Paul paul at quakenet.org
Tue Apr 26 14:09:21 EDT 2005

At the moment, it's just 'raw data' from database, so probably keys

>From the team-member stuff:
- <stats>
  <stat name="rank-overall" unit="" value="1" change="" /> 
  <stat name="rank-project" unit="" value="3585" change="-2" /> 
  <stat name="work-overall" unit="Blocks" value="93728" /> 
  <stat name="work-day" unit="Blocks" value="0" /> 
  <stat name="work-first" unit="" value="19-Nov-2003" /> 
  <stat name="work-last" unit="" value="18-Jun-2004" /> 

We specify the unit name and return the blocks. I'm guessing the project
history should return a similar format to the teams i.e. we need to:
a) display the value in terms of unit's
b) display the unit name.

In terms of parsing an xml format, I'm guessing it might be easier long term
if we used a similar format for different 'types' of summaries i.e. could a
project/team/participant summary for rc5-72 use the same format? 

I'm probably not going to parse an xml format myself, so a sensible
definition for exporting data is open for suggestions/design/comments.

If we've got an xml format that is sane to generate, we've discussed in the
past whether to generate the stats pages via an xslt definition. 

Travis: Depending on your knowledge/use of xml in things, feel free to take
a look at the team ones, and suggest the best format for the xml file I
knocked up.


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Okay, I have one quick question.  The work_units...  Are they keys, or
blocks on RC5-72?  I'm guessing KEYS.


> I knocked up an xml version last night - or well, about 20 minutes after
> reading your first email.
> http://paul.statsdev.distributed.net/daily_totals_xml.php

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