[stats-dev] RAW Daily Totals

Paul paul at quakenet.org
Tue Apr 26 17:19:39 EDT 2005

I added a : $par->work_units * $gproj->get_scale(), which I believe should
give the scaled value i.e. blocks

  <stats date="2005-04-24" work_units="7133289.41744" participants="2140"
teams="471" /> 
  <stats date="2005-04-25" work_units="7805333.68763" participants="2348"
teams="519" />

Does 7,805,333 look about right for a day's blocks? That looks a bit high to
me - decibel? :)

With regards to your php code, I didn't actually look at it that much as I
saw it after I'd looked myself, but looking now..
Other than the fact I think in one of the includes, we define $gdb, I'd say
it looks fairly spot on.


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I have already worked out the parsing of the XML for the daily stats, as far
as the team stats go, I think someone else's input would be more valuable as
I will probably not be using the team statistics, just the totals.

But, I really do appreciate the daily totals.  The only problem I have is
that they are key and not blocks.  My statistics are all done in blocks, as
with most of the statistics on dnet.  Is there a way to convert the keys to
blocks correctly and quickly?  Thanks.

Also, I was just curious...  Did my code work?  It was my first attempt at
PHP, so I am wondering if I did even somewhat close to what I was going for.
Thanks again!


> Travis: Depending on your knowledge/use of xml in things, feel free to
> a look at the team ones, and suggest the best format for the xml file I
> knocked up.
> Paul

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